Wednesday, January 16, 2013

School Professional Climate Trumps Individual Teacher Characteristics

A report from the new director of the Consortium for Chicago Schools Research says that the collaborative climate in a school is more important than the individual characteristics of teachers. What makes this report so interesting is that DCPS reforms since 2007 are premised on the opposite assumption -- rewarding individual teachers and principals when their students score better than the norm, and firing them when scores fall short. If the researchers behind this report are correct, the whole theory of reform in DCPs may be backwards, and the effect on staff morale and collaboration could be making the quality of education worse.

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Jack Smith said...

To Mark Simon:

I read a guest column of yours in the Washington Post in which you talked about a first-rate teacher who had been "excessed" by the D.C. public schools. What precisely do you mean by "excessed"? I would appreciate it if you could dejargonize this term for me.

Jack Z. Smith
Fort Worth, Texas