Friday, April 23, 2010

DCPS Budget Mismanagement -- What A Mess!

City Councilmemebers are demanding Michelle Rhee's "report card," and according to the Washington Post's Bill Turque, the unions want a meeting to get answers. All this because Michelle Rhee premised paying for the new teachers contract on a $34 Million surplus that DC Chief Financial officer Natwar Ghandi says isn't there. According to Ghandi, the Rhee administration overspent in the central office by $29 Million, effectively using up the surplus. Given the level of contracting out of central office services, we're not surprised.

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Anonymous said...

The 10's of millions in overspending by central office represents real educational resources lacking in classrooms. It is time that parents and the community stand up and demand accountability.
Is anyone on this blog interested in meeting to talk about strategies, if so call me (202) 812-0310.