Monday, September 21, 2009

Mass Hiring and Mass Layoff -- What Gives?

DC teacher Dan Brown's September 18 Huffington Post article on the DCPS budget cut to schools hits the nail on the head. He explains why hiring 900 newbies over the summer and mass teacher layoffs in the fall is an ill conceived strategy.


meaningful change said...

This is a great article because it puts into context Rhee's strategy. Anyone who works in the schools knows that it will be the children who ultimately suffer the most.

Of course Rhee and her supporters will say those who complain are just worried about protecting jobs. Blaming the union and "lazy" teachers is an easy out.

Someone with basic management skills would know that hiring 900 employees only to fire hundreds within acouple of months makes no sense especially when we are talking about disrupting student classes and each school's overall functioning.

Chaos is the main operating mode for DCPS. We are moving one step forward and four steps back with Rhee.

Anonymous said...


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