Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Update on Last Night's Meeting

Turnout was good on Tuesday's meeting, with lots of teachers who had not come to previous meetings. The agenda included an update on negotiations including a clarification that the letter that teachers had received from the Chancellor on Friday was merely a continuation of negotiations by other means. The bulk of the meeting was devoted to deepening our common understanding of what this initiative -- teachers and parents for real education reform -- stands for. The statement of what we believe in will be turned into various written pieces for teachers and parents.


Ame in DC said...

So glad to meet with you all. Become informed! Use your voice! Spread the word!

Margot Berkey said...

The more I read about successful practices around the nation, the more I am inspired by the voice of this group! We are calling for the DC public schools to adopt approaches that have been proven to improve educational outcomes in other places. The teachers who are members of the group are taking a courageous stand--challenging both the union leadership and the DCPS leadership. Why? Because they want to raise the standards for all teachers--defining what good teaching looks like and working to make it so in every classroom. Parents like myself are thrilled to see this kind of activism and to stand alongside these leaders. Together, parents and teachers can make a real difference in education in DC. What we want is agreement from the district leadership that they are willing to build a strong teaching force using approaches that really work.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess- nothing was accomplished but people in need of attention getting their egos stroked by useless gobbledegook.

Talk equals not acting. Not acting equals laziness.

Lazy teachers are real... and the core of this blog.